Points & Vip Policy

Points ($1 USD = 1 Points)

Our Points is rewarded for purchasing, asking a question, writing a feedback and posting customer images and vedios.  Purchase rewarding points is the summation of all the vaild orders you placed based on USD currency. $1 USD = 1 points. eg. you have purchased worth of 500 USD items on our website, Your currect points should be 500 points. The order status of the vaid order doesn't include "Pending", "Processing", "Canceled" and "Awaiting Payment".  That means your current points will be updated only after we shipped your order out sucessfully. Our Points  is rewarded when you write a review. 

Corresponding points will be given based your current vip rank, But the final points will be given after we verify your reviews. So please don't write those reviews without any worthiness. If that, we won't give you any points. Normally it needn't our verify when you post a feedback. You will get default 5 Points. Please take enough attention to you Points. Because your vip rank will be closely associate with your Points. Once you have enough Points, Our system will automatically upgrade your vip rank. The better discount you will enjoy, The more Points you have. About exact order discount we will list below.


Vip Explication

In appreciation of many regular customers support of us, We have the pleasure to present our new discount policy: VIP club.  Our vip includes 5 ranks on the basis of your current points on our site. Corresponding discount available if you are purchasing items. We will show your current points in your ACCOUNT center once you logged in. If your currect points reach at certain level which conform to the standard of VIP. We will upgrade you into VIP buyer. Corresponding VIP identity icon will appear in your ACCOUNT center and corresponding VIP price will be listed on each product page. Since then, you will enjoy a specific VIP discount once you when you checkout. Our system will automatically discount for your all orders based on your VIP discount.


Vip Discount

Firstly, Thanks for your support with us. Small profits but quick turnover is our manage policy. The unit price listed on our site is far lower than other shopping sites. We suggest you go to compare the price before you decide to order. We promise that we are offering the cheaper price as same item with same quality. But considering our many regular buyers, we still decide to offer further discount for our VIP buyers. Because our original price is close to our cost price, There isn't too much discount space. Please understand. You can only enjoy a discount with a order. Example you are a silver buyer. If you place a order with $100 USD, then you will get 6% off discount. Your order total will be $94 USD . 

Vip Rank Points Standard Default Review Reward Default Feedback Reward Enjoy Order Discount
General Buyer < 500 1 Points 2 Points 0% off
Bronze Buyer >=500 2 Points 4 Points 2% off
Silver Buyer >= 1000 4 Points 6 Points 6% off
Gold Buyer >= 3000 6 Points 8 Points 10% off
Platinum Buyer >= 15000 8 Points 10 Points 15% off
Diamond Buyer >= 20000 10 Points 12 Points 20% off


Notes: We will apply a bigger discount at your order when you can enjoy multi-discounts at the same time.